The “F” word…

I just said it in a comment and it got switched to “flipping.”

Not sure if it was the blog owner or WordPress.


Is there an “F” rule I was unaware of?

[Update: As you can see by the comments, it was the blogger. However, I would just rather have my comment deleted than to be altered as if I said it. I was also told research supports his post. Can someone please show me the research so I can put my cuss word to rest? *insert a smile here*]

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  1. WordPress would not have edited your comment. It had to be the owner of that blog although I can’t imagine why he would have done that.


  2. I KNOW!!! He gets to say what he pleases, it’s his blog…BUT DON’T CHANGE MY WORDS!! That just made me hopping mad. I don’t think he cares about offending people if you just look at his blogroll alone! So there really was no need.


  3. Posted by blacktygrrrr on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 6:23 pm

    I did it. It was not WordPress.

    I just prefer civilized arguments and highbrow debate.

    You have every right to cuss on your blog, and you may drop by my blog any time.


    P.S. I did not delete your comments, just changed the cussword.


  4. Hum. That’s funny. I didn’t really find some of what you said in that blog in particular “civilized” or “highbrow.”


  5. Not only does he get to say what he pleases, he also owns the eraser.
    Its awful ballsy to get upset because you cant say fuck anywhere you want.
    I have a filthy mouth, but I like erics blog enough to not use profanity on his sheet.


  6. Yes. That’s his choice. However, some may find what he wrote to be offensive…even without my silly little cuss word.


  7. And yes. I’m ballsy. And really though. I’m not upset. Just want to see what folks have to say about it. The more debate, the merrier. Thanks for the input.


  8. Yeah, the whole “Watch your mouth” thing is a bit much. I can respect it to a point, but people really have to go overboard before I raise an eyebrow regarding language. I think a good cuss here or there works a good “sentence enhancer.” But then again, once a sailor always a sailor…


  9. I knew it from the start but it has now been confirmed…..


    I just clicked over to the blogger in question and started reading and immediately had to stop. I cannot read the republican drivel. I just can’t.

    So I applaude you.

    I’ve determined that I am a closed minded, open minded person and when I read their words I feel ignorance and hate.

    I understand the MEGA (top 10%) rich being republican but if average Joe and Mary America think that the Republican Party cares about them they are sorely wrong. Whether it be religious or financial reasons, Joe and Mary need to wake up. The Republican Party leadership are not for America, they are for themselves and their friends.

    SO when I read blogs by average Joe American and he is a republican I have no patience only pity.




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