Delete my comments…

I have to say this though I know I’ve probably hit my rant quota for the week. If you have read the post below you have a little insight as to why I’m scrawling my latest.

I’ll shut up now…I have to really give it to intelligent bloggers. There are so many out there. They discuss just about everything and speak their mind. I speak my mind as well. I say what I want after reading your post and you are free to approve it or delete it. But one thing is for sure, please decide against altering it. All this does is reflect something that isn’t the truth of what was said.

Trust and believe I have moments where I cuss like a sailor. If you don’t like that, please put up a little disclaimer where it can easily be found and say so. I will respect your wishes. It’s your right and I respect everyone’s rights.

I love debate. And arguments and disagreements don’t scare me much. I think we all can use getting a little oxygen pumping in our blood as we get flush faced about something we don’t agree with — that is what makes us passionate.

I’m a chick. I cuss. You may not like it. You may think it “lowbrow.” Just delete.

Please and thank you.

6 responses to this post.

  1. J –

    You can swear all you want on my blog.

    I always lok forward to what you have to say and if you use the “F” word…. I don’t mind. Sometimes it is the most descriptive and appropriate word.

    Fuck em if they can’t take it!

    Much admiration as always,



  2. I agree AJ. A comment should just be deleted, not re-worded to suit the blogger’s “standards”. To me that just lowers the standard of the blog itself. Also, I think the use of the term “highbrow” when speaking of oneself reveals just the opposite. You had some interesting topics earlier. I said that I would get back to them when I could but some unexpected tasks around here prevented me from doing so. Just so you know, my disposable email is
    If you send me a message I can give you my personal email address. I liked your posts today. Sorry I couldn’t keep up.


  3. I disagree about the need to delete the whole comment. If your comments really add to the discussion, then the blogger is serving me as a reader by leaving the comment in. Of course “flipping” didn’t really capture it, did it??

    I want to engage in discussion, so if I deleted someone’s comment all together (spam excluded, of course…errr!), that would go against my goal. So I’m for adding a “beep,” rather than silencing a new viewpoint.


  4. That’s a thought. I like “beep” or for variation, “bleep” or “&%$*@!”
    Good point.


  5. And Greg…No worries man. Email me anytime at


  6. it’s all or nothing, i agree. why even approve something that you’re just going to alter into what your own blogbrand is?

    cuss away. it’s the internet (lowercase “i”), not church.


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