anthony michael hall, you have some stalkers…

anthony michael hall then

Someone is obsessed with Anthony Michael Hall.

I have about 20 search engine hits from people searching this dude in the last three days…

anthony michael hall now

Could it be because there is rumor/not so rumor that he will be starring in The Dark Knight — some Batman movie due out in 2008?

Is this breakfast clubber/psychic ready for the big screen again? I don’t really care, just thought the searches for him were getting out of hand. And I swear it has to take like a million Google O’s to even find my post that has his name it. Weird.

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  1. Interesting…He is grown into his looks quite well. I’d watch him in whatever he is coming up in but wouldn’t stalk him. I wonder what the search engine obsession is about? Did he come out of the closet or something?


  2. ahahah! that’s hilarious. that is USUALLY what happens when search engine terms go up. someone either out of the closet, said something racist or went to jail. i think a while back he DID say something racist though.


  3. Hold up, wait a minute – the guy from The Dead Zone is the same guy as the dorky nerd loser from Weird Science? You’ve got to be shitting me!

    HOLY CRAP! He’s freaking HOT!!!!!


  4. You guys didnt know any of this till now ?
    I’ve always been amazed by Anthony for being one of the few child stars so far that hasnt shit all over himself.
    my 13 year old watches the Breakfast Club about once a month.
    Might be the Molly Ringwald thing and some teen hormones.
    Molly hasnt shit on herself either, nor has Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy or Judd Nelson. The ” Brat Pack” as they were called are all doing well which is a major accomplisment if you think about all the kid stars that take a shit right at adulthood.


  5. […] when I can –even when I know that a big hit draw here were from people infatuated with Anthony Micheal Hall, LOL cat fans like me, curious Googlers wanting to know everything about interracial […]


  6. And, MIcks, the kid who played young Forrest in Forrest Gump served his country in Iraq.


  7. Posted by Michael philip james Hall on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    omg im called mike hall lol but gess wot i think he might just b a tiny bit hotter lol 😛


  8. I’m a AMH fan. I love him. He is the best actor I have ever seen. I think he has had more hits lately because of a few reasons; Batman- obviously, They are running Dead Sone (Missing that key) again on cable and the box set is recently available on Amason and lastly, LA BLUES, a new movie he made has also just come out on DVD. Did anyone see him in Silicon Valley as “Bill Gates”? He was extraordinary. Acting his entire life shows. He is quite the director as well.


  9. It´s hard not to get obssess, he is really handsome. I use to watch “weird science”, and I didn´t related, sometimes you just follow the story. but I´ve been watching recently “the dead zone”, and he did such a wonderful work, remarkable, it makes you want to know more about him.


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