“Hobby Lobby can eat it” or “Why I missed the gym…”

Between the punk framing kids at Hobby Lobby who keep screwing up my work and the “neighbor” at my apartments walking around with a Miller Light 40 in a paper bag and telling me I’m too pretty to be frowning, I decided NOT to go to the gym. I just got tired of people today. Hit my limit. So I showered, am currently dreaming about a glass of wine, and will plop my plump behind on my couch.

With “fat” rebellion ladies like Joy Nash and others in this world, I’m trying not to feel guilty about it.

But I asked myself (and now you) two questions.

1) What the hell happened to customer service?!

2) Just because I look like a gal who should always be bubbly, does that mean I HAVE to always look the part?

(so I have three questions)

3) Does my potential of being a real “fat” ass really matter?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Yes. It was a very bitter day…Like most days I guess!!


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