The things we search for…

Can’t really claim this as an original idea —  the folks over at Ration Reality  have done this already. But man…people search some crazy stuff to end up at my blog. OR to search AFTER reading my blog…

 “black woman arm strength” is one of my favs that isn’t listed below. That was last week’s …

Here are the last 24 hours and their views. Apparently someone is really focused on the ties to Iraq and Dead Zone.

Anthony Michael Hall 1
feet avatars 1
dead zone “Iraq”2007 3
my purpose in the company 1
Ric Hoogestraat 1
sense of purpose in life without childre 1

5 responses to this post.

  1. feet avatars!
    I love that!
    I might go make some feet avatars


  2. It’s a very curious thing… It’s also kind of a scary thing. I always look over the search terms and wonder what it is that people are actually seeking… For instance, just a look over my past seven days, here are some of the stranger ones that led to my site:

    spanking teens 1 (might be legitimate, but not likely)
    “I am not a serial killer” 2 (uhhh… Who’s not a serial killer?)
    righteous sexual activities 1 (what??)
    parents for spanking teens 1 (hmmmmm)
    transfat frosting problems 1 (ok)
    take a lesson spanking 2 (ok, more spanking?)
    coke delicious and refreshing 2 (it sure it, but…)
    Pepsi My can 2 (no, it’s my can)
    phiscal relation woman and animal 1 (oh, good god! Why??)
    teenage boys + normal behavior 1 (is there such thing?)
    spanking kids pics 2 (ok, this os getting out of hand)
    illegal 13yo porn 1 (ewww, what the hell?)
    arclightzero 4 (hey, somebody’s looking for me! Creepy…)
    gay death fight 1 (is that like Mortal Kombat meets queer eye?)
    man rapes puppy 1 (did I put the wrong key words in a post somewhere??)
    minnesotasmokingban 1 (where’s the space bar?)
    guy rapes 3 month old baby 2 (uhhh)
    cow farts junk science 1 (ok, so that’s a pretty funny one)
    i’m going to get spanked 1 (again with the spanking…)


  3. arclightzero: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! That was very entertaining. You need to post yours on a weekly basis. That was just enough to make me want to read all your blogs and see WTF?!


  4. Bagel: Yes feet avatars are the new pink.


  5. Posted by michaelgreenwell on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 8:33 am

    i get weird ones as well.

    i got one about ‘what is a A321 plane like’

    personally i don’t know what it is like. i have never posted about it, never mentioned it and itr is unlikely i ever would


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