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Road to happiness: Think like a dog.

Last week I was asked to be a “celebrity” judge for an event called Doggie Splash Day. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of event, it’s basically a free for all for dogs and their owners to swim together, goof off and enter funny contests. My category: Talent.

I arrived in a khaki skirt of all things (I had another event immediately before the splish-splashing fun) and some less-than-safe sandals, which I know was kind of dumb but I forgot my sneakers to change into. Anywho, one of the park staff helped me up the very tall and slippery lifeguard chair and I waited patiently for the contest to start while chatting it up with the other “celebrity” judges (one of which was an elementary school principal. Talk about red carpet…)

While I was up there I noticed that a large Labrador or Golden Retriever, I admit to not knowing the difference, stopped at the bottom of the lifeguard chair near my feet. Then I noticed that he was slowly raising his leg and … yea, let’s just say I propped my feet up so quick you can probably still feel the breeze from them swiftly rising to the sky.

Then the dog just walked away without a care in the world. I envied that dog. He didn’t care if he came off rude. He didn’t care if he offended me. He just needed to take a leak and that was mission no. 1 between chasing a ball and taking a leap into the pool.

Well, after the silliness of one too many dogs saying “I love you,” Frisbee tricks, roll over-play dead-shake attempts and one dog that appeared too shy to perform in the talent show, I decided to take a real hard look around the pool. Not a care in the world…

Dogs aren’t stupid but they live simply. They just need some stroking, food, water, playtime and a place to lay their heads. They don’t care if they shit in front of you and you then have to pick it up and dispose of it. They don’t care if they have stinky breath when they lean in to give you a big kiss. Their privates are out for the world to see, they don’t give a rip. They lick themselves and aren’t ashamed. They don’t care if you have cellulite, aren’t the perfect size or have the best wardrobe in the world. They don’t care who you date, what you do behind closed doors, your political opinions.

They just live. And they do so without the trappings we live with every day.

I am convinced that if we all lived that way, there would be world peace — well that and a lot of butt-sniffing …