Archive for August 23rd, 2007

Please put a stop to lip avatars…

ooh, so sexy — NOT!oh nooooz!please put a stop to this!ahhhhhhhhh!

Is anyone else sick of avatars represented by lips? Or is it just me?

I mean there are all kinds. Glossy ones. Ones on fire. Some with piercings. Tri-colors. Others with all kinds of chintzy clip art surrounding it. Many with special effects and bubbles. Lots with suggestive props…

It is a trend that has kept its viral appeal. Someone must put an end to them…for all that is truly right and just in this world. Maybe we need to start counteracting the lips with the recent feet avatars I’m starting to see…

Please put a stop to this madness! You too can prevent unnecessary, annoying glossy-lipped avatars.

Anonymity is important I guess — but come on! This is the worse thing since Simpson avatars.

Now half-face shots, doggies and shoes. Those are my favs. Leave those alone.