Take my end-of-the-world dreams, please…

I haven’t really talked about those here — I just started this blog.

But so you know prior to any I may post later, I am a chick who has dreams about the end of the world. More often than I would like!

This time the world is being taken by water — hum. I think Hurricane Dean has been beating on my brain.

In this dream everyone was leaving by dirt road or by ocean and I know not to where. I wasn’t a fan of that crap movie with Kevin Costner, Waterworld , but my dream was less Mad Max than all that. What was weird though is it was a continuation dream and damn I really hate those. You know: You have the sordid dream, then wake up. Then you go back to sleep with it and have some more of the bizarre.

The first round had people saying we only had like 100 months of air. Which now that I think of it, how is that possible with water being a great source of oxygen?

Yea, OK. I MAY have had fried chicken before I went to bed…

2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s scary stuff. 100 months of air…You know there are quite a few people out there that would say we don’t have much time left, but I don’t want to scare people with that propaganda–if you ask me I’ll say we are in the last days, but who knows when it will really jump off. For now, for your dream, I’ll say it was the fried chicken too.


  2. I think we are in the end of days as well. With all these strange weather occurances, it’s hard to ignore. And with all the ozone crap and increased violence and war. You may have a point.


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