Glass envy — like penis envy but costs more

For those who may not know, another word for lens gear for your camera is glass. Recently I have had a real jones for some new hot glass.

I think as like any photographer, I am always wanting more gear — especially when I stand next to another photographer from a newspaper or even hobbiests and his/her glass is bigger and better than mine. That long, black cylinder of pictorial goodness just hanging there around their necks — mocking me as I stand with my little 50 mm prime! (A good lens to have by the way — no matter what.) Even when I snap on the 200 mm, I stand next to the guy who has a great macro (or micro)  and I’m salivating. I just want to touch it. Hold it. Snap it on…

I’ve been having all kinds of daydreams about the Micro-Nikkor AF-S 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED VR. I’ve even played with it once and fell in love. I could tell, it loved me too. We had a moment.

What really stinks is how much this love costs. A great, spectacular lens can be well into the thousands. Geez, the Nikkor I mentioned earlier is even the cheaper of many better lenses.

In my favorite photog forum I like to travel to, they at least admit it isn’t all your “eye” when it comes to the nice money shots. Sure you have to know the basics of composition, what will be an awesome pic and some kind of artistic edge. But really, all of that can just be soooo much better with the right piece o’ glass.

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  1. Posted by Peter Hoppa on Monday, August 20, 2007 at 5:04 am

    It’s only money, in the spirit of Beavis GETITGETITGETIT…


  2. Ive never purchased a lens… are they expensive?


  3. Goodness yes! How much depends on what you are going after and what you need out of the glass.


  4. Re: Hoppa….I WISH. Actually in three months I may be getting it!


  5. […] The next goal is getting my dream macro lens and snap better shots. People go on and on about the “eye” being more important than the equipment but let’s get real. You may have a wonderful eye but limited equipment that can’t produce what the eye wants to capture. Currently my main lens is this 50 prime you see before you. However it was taken by my “dream” lens: the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 with VR. All that mumbo jumbo basically means kick ass but there’s lots better out there however over $700 is more than enough of a start. At least that is the translation I’m sticking with. If you look at the reviews of the product, there is one complainer but he’s not using it right. This baby isn’t a portrait lens (my prime is) and that is why I want it. It produces AMAZING macro shots. Sorry, I’m babbling again while drooling over glass. […]


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