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Does Casper like cats?

Tiger Lily isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. And in fact my father believes her to be crazy. But one thing my little cat can’t be called is nonobservant. 

The last few years of having Lily, I’ve noticed she has moments where while sitting on my lap in utter contentment, she will suddenly bolt her head — eyes big as saucers and then she looks either above my head or right next to me. This has been even more frequent in the past year. Sometimes she even seems to follow whatever invisible thing that is in the room as is “moves.” This seems to be a nightly ritual for her and sometimes ends with her hanging partially off my bed and staring at the nothing that has “landed” on the floor.

Cats will be cats you might say, which is true. And I am in the hottest part of hell in the South so maybe there is a nat, or skeeter, or something stalking her. But really, for this long? She may be crazy but her queer gazing and sometimes fearful reactions to her possible “non-existant” subject got me wondering. Do ghosts or spirits exist?

Goose pimples when you walk into a room that isn’t cold. That weird feeling you can get sometimes when you enter a house you’ve never been. Odd occurances you write off as “just your imagination.” Are these all signs of the supernatural?

It isn’t a news flash that we don’t use all of our brains. (Some less than others…) Do animals? I wonder if we sometimes tap into, without really thinking about it, some other part of our brain that we don’t even know how to use. And is that something the capability to sense or see what we normally would not? This may sound kind of cooky, but I will just blame it on the cat.

Besides, she may just need her eyes checked…

Glass envy — like penis envy but costs more

For those who may not know, another word for lens gear for your camera is glass. Recently I have had a real jones for some new hot glass.

I think as like any photographer, I am always wanting more gear — especially when I stand next to another photographer from a newspaper or even hobbiests and his/her glass is bigger and better than mine. That long, black cylinder of pictorial goodness just hanging there around their necks — mocking me as I stand with my little 50 mm prime! (A good lens to have by the way — no matter what.) Even when I snap on the 200 mm, I stand next to the guy who has a great macro (or micro)  and I’m salivating. I just want to touch it. Hold it. Snap it on…

I’ve been having all kinds of daydreams about the Micro-Nikkor AF-S 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED VR. I’ve even played with it once and fell in love. I could tell, it loved me too. We had a moment.

What really stinks is how much this love costs. A great, spectacular lens can be well into the thousands. Geez, the Nikkor I mentioned earlier is even the cheaper of many better lenses.

In my favorite photog forum I like to travel to, they at least admit it isn’t all your “eye” when it comes to the nice money shots. Sure you have to know the basics of composition, what will be an awesome pic and some kind of artistic edge. But really, all of that can just be soooo much better with the right piece o’ glass.