Yes. He’s married now too…

The phone just finished ringing downstairs and most assuredly it’s probably my mother. As always, she is concerned.

This time it’s because I just gave word to her and my father that yet another ex of mine, the most recent and the one I had the longest relationship with, is now married. I heard the “rumor” but now, because I’m a nosy journalist, I was able to find out in like 10 minutes on the Web to know for sure. Curiosity is the death of me sometimes.

I’m not really sure why it has hurt me so much. Maybe because I know we were planning to get married. This would be the second person in my life that has given such empty promise of being wed. I’m not crying about it. Just kind of jarring I guess…

6 responses to this post.

  1. so you were lucky…sorry it hurt, but you were lucky


  2. Am I lucky to have “dodged the bullet” of marriage?? Is that what you mean, criminy?


  3. no ma’am…dodged the bullet of being married to someone that wasn’t in love with you.


  4. I guess so. But I wouldn’t want to think that he didn’t EVER love me. Besides…I think I’m just more bummed about it because I’m about to be 30!!


  5. 30 is the best year possible…old enough to know how and still to young to realize you shouldn’t.

    I wouldn’t sweat it, Mr. Right is out there dying to meet you, and 30 is still to young to be married anyways.


  6. it doesn’t feel young but i’ll try not to sweat it as you stated…


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