Live blogging: Today’s journalism

Is the newspaper going to vanish any time soon?

That question isn’t really new. It seems like a lot of companies have asked that question already and have quickly jumped on the Internet bandwagon — and with such voracity and speed that the pages are still flying in the air from the desks of old cronies as the trend zips pass.

Now with the capability to write just about anywhere and have it immediately appear for eager eyes to see, what will be the wasteful point of print? The world is thinking green and that’s paper we may not need to use anymore by the time the 20 somethings are 50 somethings. Of course there are still people like my father who enjoy picking up a Sunday paper, having it in his hands, and being able to turn the page. You can’t turn a monitor screen but you can click away on a trusty mouse.

Today was the second time my publication did live blogging. The company that owns it has been doing live blogs for a while but now we are finally getting in on the action. I enjoy it but can’t help wondering who is it all for. I know the big wigs will be/are pleased. Names will be mentioned. Hands shook. Pat-on-the-back emails will go out next week. But did ANYONE read it??

Who can really sit at the computer most of the day tracking a live blog every three minutes? I guess you can read it after the fact but then that loses the “action” I think.

I’m not for or against the shift of journalism…but I do wonder what will be considered fad and what will stick even five years from now.

Any thoughts?

3 responses to this post.

  1. You know I have a response….but its a simple one…..

    You read me and I read you and others read us….. soomeone will always read and watch! Of course, I’d almost rather listen to an amateur like one of us then the talking heads from a corporation who in the end NEEDS to answer to the boad of directors!

    Hope you are well!


  2. As a news editor I ordered myself not to ask the end-of-the-press-as-we-know-it question. Books exist for centuries and they come and go, there are generations that don’t read much but then you have two or three surveys and BANG — turns out that kids DO acutally read. Same thing with newspapers, I think. The online version can support the printed one, and vice versa. As long as the paper version generates profit, noone will be the first one to stop printing it, just to show it can be done.


  3. I appreciate you going against orders…:)

    And in the case where I work, we do both the print and Web as with so many other pubs. And one is vital to the other’s success. But it seems my company is often scrambling to “keep up with the Jones'” or simply outdo the competition. And every solution seems to involve the Web.
    Just wondering when it will be that is the only point of reference — other than books (which are also on the Web.)


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