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Live blogging: Today’s journalism

Is the newspaper going to vanish any time soon?

That question isn’t really new. It seems like a lot of companies have asked that question already and have quickly jumped on the Internet bandwagon — and with such voracity and speed that the pages are still flying in the air from the desks of old cronies as the trend zips pass.

Now with the capability to write just about anywhere and have it immediately appear for eager eyes to see, what will be the wasteful point of print? The world is thinking green and that’s paper we may not need to use anymore by the time the 20 somethings are 50 somethings. Of course there are still people like my father who enjoy picking up a Sunday paper, having it in his hands, and being able to turn the page. You can’t turn a monitor screen but you can click away on a trusty mouse.

Today was the second time my publication did live blogging. The company that owns it has been doing live blogs for a while but now we are finally getting in on the action. I enjoy it but can’t help wondering who is it all for. I know the big wigs will be/are pleased. Names will be mentioned. Hands shook. Pat-on-the-back emails will go out next week. But did ANYONE read it??

Who can really sit at the computer most of the day tracking a live blog every three minutes? I guess you can read it after the fact but then that loses the “action” I think.

I’m not for or against the shift of journalism…but I do wonder what will be considered fad and what will stick even five years from now.

Any thoughts?

The mysterious tale of the dead tooth…

So I went to the dentist earlier this week. I go to a really unorganized office and have officially decided to find another one after my recent visit. The staff is nice enough. And the dentist friendly with that kind of creepy, smiley way. And it appears he may still have a perm left over from the mid-80s (not totally sure about that because it really could be his natural hair). Anyway…I noticed last week that I had a slight crack in my left, front tooth. You have to get really close to it with a light and a magnifying glass but it’s there. I told him about it and he examined it — I could hear that curved torture device dentists use as he scraped it over the crack.

“That discoloration concerns me,” he says. “Let’s get an X-ray. You may need a root canal.”

ROOT CANAL! I’m of course freaking out and recalling every dream I had of my losing my teeth in some fashion. He told me not to worry and that root canals aren’t as painful as they were in the past… Well coming back with the X-ray he tells me my tooth gave its OWN root canal. At first I was sure he was not in his right mind or just a batty dentist — then he explained. Apparently I did something in the past, like hit my mouth on something or maybe grinding my teeth to cause it injury. In turn the nerve was damaged but over time it filled itself up — doing the job naturally of a root canal.My question is, what happened? I do have a history of teeth grinding but I thought I have since stopped that nonsense. The dentist even said that he didn’t really see huge evidence to indicate I even have been grinding my teeth. However, I think in like fifth grade, this awful mess of a boy punched me in the nose. Maybe he hit that tooth too and I didn’t realize it because I was distracted from the nose bleed. (Sidenote: He did this in response to a week earlier when me and a friend gave his jewels a good kick by the temporary buildings because at recess he grabbed my boobs…)Then there was all that company softball. I’m not that great of a player and not great on the outfield. Did I get hit in the mouth?? I just don’t remember…

I’m somewhat relieved that my tooth performed this healing, but my (former) dentist says that I should still see a specialist and get a crown after I find out if I need treatment. But I don’t think I will go there again though for that crown — no matter how friendly the folks…

So the woman at the desk that was supposed to get my files together — bless her heart because she is in the mid stages of pregnancy and probably not too comfortable — just couldn’t get to me in a timely fashion. I was waiting for 15 minutes before she hummed and hawed her way to telling me she couldn’t get my file done at that time. I gave her my business card to fax me the information I needed. Still haven’t seen that fax.

And the mystery of the dead tooth is still such.

Nearly 30, still learning…

There is just something about spouting off stuff in the blog-o-sphere. You encounter wonderful people along the way and as you do, you can strike new friendships. There is just something electrifying about being in front of people who get to know you for the first time…

Why is this so refreshing???

Well, one thing I’ve learned recently: Never say too much to people close to you. Even if there is a huge history there. Why? Well, because they will always have enough ammunition to put you away (sometimes literally) with their actions or words and/or use your secrets against you for things that you never intended.

A major lesson: Don’t admit things you have always wanted to say, no matter for how long. People can possibly in turn misinterpret them and use them for their own amusement. My mother is someone who is really big on saying people are always jealous. She says three things (more or less in this fashion) on a daily basis:

1.) People play politics so learn the game.

2.) People are jealous of you when they see that your are progressing in your life.

3.) You need God in your life to have a sense of purpose.

I have a little trouble with the jealousy part: I’m not someone who constantly thinks people are jealous or envious of me. But my mother believes that people who ultimately do the most harm to you are people who are not fully happy with their lives and lash out at people who go after the things that (hopefully) ultimately will make them succeed or keep them content.

To me that is narcissism to believe people give that much of a damn for you, even though at times I catch myself repeating her words just because I want to have an answer to why people can be so blatantly cruel. So, to a point, I’m guilty of this “narcissism” on occasion. However if I believed the things my mother believed on a daily basis, my head would inflate. But I do have to ask, is it such a bad thing to be puffed up about yourself? I mean afterall it is truly YOU who you have to rely on in the end when people, such as doting parents, pass away.

All of that said, my mother needs to add a fourth to her list, though I know it’s an addition she agrees with whole-heartedly: Never say too much to who you think you can “trust.”

Doing no. 1 prevents that. And after nearly 30 years now of living, I only now fully understand what she meant.

Realizing no. 2 prevents heartache in the end.

Grasping no. 3, well…I’m working on that…