Why do they always creep their way back?

Once upon a time, I met a guy online around New Year’s Eve.

I know, I know. Already risky at best but I took it a step further and actually went out with this guy on what is always considered a very special night. We had a great time, had some laughs (awful kisser at midnight though) and stayed in touch for about a week.

Without getting into all the gory details, let’s just say things didn’t really end that well. And for the life of me I don’t even really remember why we became angry with each other but I do remember the terrible stuff we said. That’s all I can muster really and that, my friends, was quite enough because HE WENT THERE.

Ultimately though, I’m not sure if that matters almost a year later…

And I guess it doesn’t really matter to him because he found me on myspace. I don’t have a personal profile anymore, just one for my photography “biz,” which he didn’t know jack about. Prior to him finding me there, he sent a myspace invite for me to start a profile –you know the emails you get when someone wants you to join some social-networking thing. I thought that was the end of it. Then a week later I get this invite on my photog page to be his friend.

Now this guy isn’t EXACTLY a pro with the ladies. Not like I’m some sort of super expert myself when it comes to the opposite sex. But I get the feeling he hasn’t had so great of a run. Why else would he be hitting me up after everything? And does he REALLY think I will add him (even though I add just about EVERYONE to that site to get my name out there) without an email?? I’m not that stupid — or desperate. Maybe that is what he is thinking.

Anyway, between hearing people complain about marriage, hearing about the latest divorce and not really finding myself attracted to what has been thrown out there in front of me, I’m starting to think that single is the NEW RELATIONSHIP: Being right with yourself first. Make yourself STAND yourself first. Then see what happens.

Well, I’m standing my ground. And more likely than not this guy may not even remember me exactly and just did a random age/location/gender search.

Who knows.

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