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UK under water? Is this the beginning of the end?

Is anyone else worried??  It isn’t only the worst flooding in “modern history”  for that region but there hasn’t been this kind of flooding for the UK since the 1700s!

The fact that we are ruining our ozone isn’t anything new and I won’t preach here about all that. But when do we stop, take notice and figure out what to do? And the bizarre weather doesn’t stop with the UK either of course because look at recent history right here in the US of A.

Katrina anyone?

Now it’s India. Read all about Japan. And let’s not forget about America’s record high temperatures. Every day I sweat like a hog here in the Southern states. When I wake up in the morning I have to hear the bright-eyed news anchors tell me the sun is hotter these days. Gee, and I wonder why?

Mother Nature is pissed. What can we do? And is it too late?

Al-Wan Kenobi-Gore, we need your help.

the pressure of walking on eggshells

You wouldn’t think I would give much of a poo to walk on eggshells when my blog clearly reads as someone who says what she wants. But that isn’t ALWAYS the case. Maybe that is why I’m here.

Recently I discovered the agony of trying not to say something you are aching to say and in turn nodding in agreement and/or trying the most painfully diplomatic way to communicate a point or answer a question. My boss had me doing this after he asked me my thoughts about a coworker. I felt like I had just given birth by the time I tap-danced around all those damn shells that fell before me. Situations and people will make you do this — even when in most of your life you say what is on your mind. Guilty as charged. You have to do this because it keeps things as smooth as possible. 

But when you don’t, it just makes things harder for you because usually, and not so much in the case of work, who you are doing this well-crafted dance around has a history of taking you out of context…lost in translation. And a lot of times compounding that with the assumption that everything said has something to do with them when it never did in the first place. And when they do this, they can’t ever let you forget it. So for the most part you just learn to nod. It’s easier and you keep the peace, making sure not to stray too much from this ritual because you know it will not end well if you do.

I don’t think I can do that anymore. Unless my shell dance meant making the choice between keeping my way of life and walking around with a “Will work for food sign.” Otherwise doing all that shuck and jiving will eventually make you fall to your knees.