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Why I enjoy 60 plus…

I belong to an art club in which I’m the youngest person in the room. At first it was just for editorial purposes but it grew into my enjoying their company so I renew my membership every year. Today I got to sit with them in yet another Sunday meeting and art demo.

This month’s demo was presented by this truly hilarious gentleman who shares my love of roller derby. He was showing his technique of using photography in his art and laughed that he’s been “stealing” for more than 20 years and hasn’t been caught. To his credit, even though he uses photos, the paintings he produces are far from easy to do or half-hearted.

Sitting with these wonderful people full of grey hairs, knowing lines on their face and stories to tell to fill up a novel, I somehow didn’t fear getting old like I have been recently. One woman, who had a stroke last year, told me of her trip to Italy after I asked her about her beautiful leather purse. She had purchased it there during a recent trip. She was supposed to have taken the trip last year but because of a stroke that hit her the night before she and her husband left, she had to wait until this year. The peace on her face whe she spoke was the most pleasant thing. She spoke of how that because all of her kids have grown up and her husband has retired, the two of them take trips quite often. I believe it is the furvor of this traveling relationship that healed her so quickly after the stroke.

There is also another woman I meet up with from time to time when I go to these meetings. She is nearly 100 but you would never know it. She still paints, keeps her wits about her and always has a smile. How do you do that? Always keep smiling like that? She is the eldest surviving member of her church which has been around for over 100 years and she always likes to chat about it. That and my work and how it is all going. She is only a little bit of a woman but she has such heart that it seems she is taller than most that surround her.

Anyway I guess all this means is that with age can come more. I never understood people who were filled with ageism. There is so much we can learn and that I need to learn from 60 plus. When I can, I always try to talk to or hang out with seniors in the community. Somehow they keep me young.

when harry met sally…well sort of…

I have a male friend I can never date, though tonight, and any other night we go out, I guess it could be considered “dating.”

Wasn’t there some sort of reference to such a thing in that movie “When Harry Met Sally?” Or was it just that men and women could not be friends because it can lead to sex? Well I can safely say I have a friend of the opposite sex that I want to keep as such. When we first met there was a brief inkling of something more but our ages were truly something I couldn’t see moving past. So now we keep up the friendship and after a divorce, he’s not looking for a serious relationship and is working on the “fun stuff.” Can’t really blame him. He’s a single, red-blooded individual. We are on the same page about a lot of things and isn’t that just one aspect to a real relationship?

I’m only using this as example and of course because it is the most fresh thing on my mind. But the rampent curiousity in me has always wanted to know when do people decide it’s OK to take/risk your friendship to the next level? I’ve done it in the past and look back thinking that maybe it was better not to cross the line. Is it better to risk than to not risk it at all?

In this case, I would never. We laugh too much.

I don’t think I could come to grips with not ever doing that again…