The cubicle boozer

What do you do when you suspect the coworker sitting in close proximity to you is drinking in their cube? Do you complain? Or do you peep over your own damn cube and ask for him/her to share?
Here is my synopisis so far:
1.) You have drank a few times with this person and know they are quite capable of doing this.
2.) You often hear not one, but two pourings from what sounds like two different bottles. One of which is a Sprite container.
3.) You notice plenty of water bottles hanging out. Hello, vodka is clear.
4.) This person makes very frequent trips to the icemaker after returning from his/her car.
5.) And more importantly, as the day goes on, this person gets more campy, chatty and red.


It really isn’t your business you say to yourself. But you can’t help but chuckle every time you think about it.

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